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Thurs. Sept. 30, 2010

Great news–the biopsies were perfect; Karis is NOT in rejection!  Must be a flu bug.  She seems to be coming out of it (much less diarrhea yesterday than the almost 8 liters–2 gallons!–the day before) and we’re still hopeful she’ll … Continue reading

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Wed. Sept. 29, 2010 So glad Brent’s surgery went well!!

Karis greeted us very cheerfully when Valerie and I walked in this morning.  Now she and Yoyo  (her neon-green frog, gift of Jeanne Kohn) are “helping” Valerie study Pathophysiology; it’s very entertaining.  (Yoyo got his name from the habit of … Continue reading

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A message to friends in the Chicago area

First, an apology.  When my e-mail program crashed a while ago, I lost contact information for many of our friends.  Dave and I have also not managed to organize things too well for his upcoming time in Wheaton (Oct. 2-11). … Continue reading

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Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

Please pray for my nephew Brent, who has surgery today. Karis is much better this morning.  They switched her Cortef to IV, thinking she might not be absorbing it, and perhaps that has made a difference.  Her scope is on … Continue reading

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Monday 10 pm, Sept. 27, 2010

Karis has had a rough day, so much diarrhea that she became severely dehydrated even under the careful monitoring of the nurses (blood tests every two hours!).  With all of their hard work to stabilize her, she’s ending the day … Continue reading

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Monday, Sept. 27, 2010

Karis’s fever broke during the night and hasn’t come back.  She’s feeling a lot better.  Haven’t seen any docs yet to know what the game plan is.

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Sun. Sept. 26, 2010

Karis almost made it through September without a hospitalization.  During the night last night though she woke up with cramps in her fingers, toes, back, and calves.  She had been told to immediately report symptoms like these, so we called … Continue reading

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