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In honor of Angie Mitchell and Pauline Talty, two-year citizens of Heaven but still missed here Advertisements

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Monday, April 29, 2013

The renal docs came by earlier than I expected so I missed them this morning.  Here’s what Karis told me: The tests that have been done indicate that Karis has 18% kidney function.  Usually they consider anything under 20% irreversible, … Continue reading

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Friday, April 26, 2013 Happy Birthday, Battle!

We are encouraged today, after some moments of discouragement in the last couple of days.  Some dramatic changes have been made in Karis’ treatment, and they seem to be producing good results.  Some are Dr. Sogawa’s ideas, and some are … Continue reading

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Try this link instead, and scroll down to the third (now) story:

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a fun story that just came out (includes pics!)   Scroll down to the second story.

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Tues. April 23, 2013 Happy Birthday, Abigail! Belated Happy Birthdays to Timmy, Rachel, Carol, and Jessica! Happy Birthday tomorrow to Claire! Belated Happy Anniversary to Alan and Linda!

Dave and I got home last night from our Spain and Portugal trip, and went straight to the hospital from the airport.  It was great to see Karis, Jan, and Casey, and chat with Rachel on the phone.  Seems like … Continue reading

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Tues, 16 April 2013

(Janice)   Debbie and I chatted this morning (the internet is a wonderful tool we often take for granted!) and I wanted to pass along, with Debbie’s permission, a bit of our conversation: Debbie:  Dr Costa told me before he (and we) … Continue reading

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