Mary’s Diary, by Karis

Remember Karis’s imaginative Mary’s Diary, written when she was 13, published on this blog two years ago? Several of you told me you wished to have it in the form of a booklet. I wasn’t up to doing that work then, but I tucked the idea away and can now offer it to you as a 20-page booklet. You can use it if you like as a small gift or Christmas greeting for your friends or colleagues.

You can order Mary’s Diary by e-mail ( or phone text (412-996-6856) including your snail mail address. I’ll let you know shipping costs and mail it as soon as I receive payment by check (Debra Kornfield, 1038 McCabe St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201) or by PayPal.



1-24 copies $3.50 each; 25 or more $3.00 each.

Our hope is that Mary’s Diary will be a fun way to share the “reason for the season.”

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4 Responses to Mary’s Diary, by Karis

  1. mquilts says:

    This is a beautiful and fun way to tell the story of Mary. It is so like Karis that you can picture her telling the story. Delightful and so real. A real joy.

  2. How neat! I hope you get lots of orders.


  3. Ralph Anderson says:

    Hello Debbie!

    Thank you for your efforts in preserving Karis’ wonderful writings. I remember when you posted the individual portions of Mary’s Diary on this blog site two years ago. They’re quite delightful!


  4. ktbirkey says:

    Thank you so much for Mary’s Diary. I’m sure we will enjoy reading it.

    Thanks for thinking of us.



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