May 5, 2015 Happy Birthday, Karis!

from Valerie:

Happy Birthday!
32 years since you were born here, 1 year and 3 months since your new life started in heaven.
How I miss you, Karis Joy!
What wouldn’t I give to see your smile, hear your giggle, hold your hand, dance with you…
How are you, beautiful lady?
I suspect you are dancing, hugging children, spotting the King – like Amanda in the Tales of the Kingdom.
As I look back at your pictures, I see your joy in being with the people you loved – of all ages, languages…
As long as you had life, you lived it!
You lived for here and now, for the people and the places where you found yourself.
I wish you were here, even for a moment, even for a hug…
But I am glad you are there now, without pain or suffering, full of life, unlimited.
I love you! I will always carry you in my heart… till our eyes touch again.

Karis em canoa com Valéria


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